Can A Vagina Be Loose? What Can I Do?

A vagina can accommodate a baby, a sex toy, a penis and in some cases, a cucumber. The remarkable thing is that it snaps back into its earlier shape. As you age and get older, it loses this elasticity, the ability to bounce back as is with everything in our bodies.   But is the […]

Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections You Should Know About

If we are being honest, STDs are common. Very common in fact, that so many people may not realize that they have them. If you do not treat STDs, they can cause infertility cause some types of cancer increase the chances of getting HIV harm your baby either while in the womb or during birth. […]

7 Ways You Can Perform Better Sexually

I am sure you are not the only one looking for answers to this. Many men out there are looking for the same thing. To last in bed for as long as you want and that is fine. It keeps both you and your partner happy. Nowadays a simple search around the internet exposes you […]

Can Okra Reduce Your Ability to Make Sperm?

Chances are that you have had a meal that contained okra or had okra has its major ingredient. You might have even had one today, okra is a significant part of meals in Nigeria. It is also a great source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre, for those who love numbers and stats, one cup […]

Will Having Wet Dreams Shrink my Penis?

If you do not want to read all this, click here instead   I wish I knew this when I was about 14 years old, waking up with a wet boxer and remembering that I kissed Ada in my dream. Knowing that I couldn’t tell anyone about it because I had watched movies that called […]

Please, Is Female Ejaculation Real?

Female ejaculation seems like a myth. However, some of us have seen it happen, a number of us including you might have experienced it, that sudden gush of liquid when you were having sex, for some, it is embarrassing, for others, they just laugh. I have seen it happen and we want to answer a […]

Why Shaving Your Pubic Hair before Sex may be Bad for You

There is a common ritual among sexually active people, We tend to shave or remove all the hair in an around the pubic area when looking forward or planning a sexual encounter, this habit has either come from the need to impress, or for some, what they see in porn movies But does shaving the […]

Missing Tooth of 13 year Old Found in his testicles

Doctors in Russia at the Morozov Children Hospital have removed a tooth that was found growing inside a teenage boy’s testicle   This condition is rare, but not extremely rare as a certain variant can affect as low as one in 40000 people In the most shocking of events, He was missing a molar in […]

Cutting the vagina during childbirth: Episiotomy

Sometimes, in order to allow labour to proceed smoothly, the vagina opening will have to have to be widened to allow this. This method of widening the vagina involves a cut that is made through the vagina and is called an episiotomy. This may happen because a baby is too big or that the labour […]

The Truth About Your Hymen

There are several myths flying around when it comes to female virginity and the hymen. But we will start the from the correct to the incorrect From the idea that is a symbol of virginity to every woman having it, the hymen has been grossly misunderstood. However, this is to help dispel some of the […]