Are Waist Trainers Harmful?

First Off, What Do Waist Trainers Do? The waist trainer squeezes your abdomen, but it fades when you take off. Wearing a waist trainer can make you sweat more while training, which can help you lose water weight. This also does not last If you regularly wear a waist trainer, it can cause the atrophy […]

7 Ways You Can Perform Better Sexually

I am sure you are not the only one looking for answers to this. Many men out there are looking for the same thing. To last in bed for as long as you want and that is fine. It keeps both you and your partner happy. Nowadays a simple search around the internet exposes you […]

Can Okra Reduce Your Ability to Make Sperm?

Chances are that you have had a meal that contained okra or had okra has its major ingredient. You might have even had one today, okra is a significant part of meals in Nigeria. It is also a great source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre, for those who love numbers and stats, one cup […]

Will Having Wet Dreams Shrink my Penis?

If you do not want to read all this, click here instead   I wish I knew this when I was about 14 years old, waking up with a wet boxer and remembering that I kissed Ada in my dream. Knowing that I couldn’t tell anyone about it because I had watched movies that called […]

Tips on How to Prevent Breast Cancer


  The fact is this, almost everyone reading this knows someone that is or has suffered from this disease, so it is perfectly normal for people to feel worried or frightened when you mention breast cancer. There are a couple of ways we know that you can use to prevent developing breast cancer and while […]

What is Low sperm count and what can I do about it?

The testicles make several million sperms a day and there can be as much as 20 to 300 million sperms in every millilitre of semen that is released during ejaculation. When the amount of sperms in each millilitre of semen drops below 15 million, we call it oligospermia or in simpler terms, “low sperm count”. […]

How many times should I go for a health check?

Are general health checks important? Many people do not think it is important to go for regular health checks and only visit the hospital when they fall ill or when they need a pre-employment health check or something of that sort.   On the contrary, we take the cars we drive to the mechanic shop […]

How to treat Premature Ejaculation

Certain times ejaculation (the release of semen from the penis during sex can occur faster than you or your partner would like, when this happens, it can be called quite embarrassing for many men and disappointing for their partners. When this happens, we call it “premature ejaculation” You should know that this is quite common […]

The different ways to prevent pregnancy

Male Condoms: The male type, just a sheath of rubber used to cover the penis It blocks sperms from reaching the vagina Very cheap How effective? If used correctly can prevent pregnancy about 95% of the time. BUt in real life, they work about 85% Side effects: some people have a latex allergy Female condoms […]

Birth Control for men? Is it here yet?

There is research that shows that suggests we’re closer to a future where a male birth control pill exists, CNN reported. On Monday, the 25thof March 2019, researchers shared early results from their study that looked at the effectiveness of 11-beta-MNTDC, a pill for males that lowers testosterone levels to prevent pregnancy The pill is still […]