Why You Should Not shave Immediately before Sex


There are reasons why you should not shave your pubic area just before sex, there are lots of reasons why a lot of people do this, from having an area that is easier to look at to partner preference.

Shaving immediately before sex has more risks than benefits

Sensitive skin

Your skin becomes sensitive after a shave as we all have noticed and it needs some time to heal.

After shaving, your skin is more prone to ingrown hair.

This can be prevented by wearing loose clothing to air the area,

Also, the friction caused during sex can increase irritation and cause bumps and make it itchy, it is best to allow your pubic area to recover before engaging in any form of sexual contact

(Photo: Pinterest Via Dr. Laitman)

Preventing Sexually transmitted infections

One of the reasons you have pubic hair is to act as a barrier to infections, removing it makes it easier for you to get infected, including with STDs

If you plan to remove all your pubic hair, it is better and safer to give yourself a day or two to allow a bit of hair grow back to give you some level of protection

Also, keep in mind that you can have little nicks and cuts while shaving. These are technically open wounds and this type of exposure can make it easy for all kinds of germs and bacteria to find their way into your body, thereby increasing the chances of infections as well. Herpes for instance

So the lesson here is simple. No matter how much you want to ‘freshen up’ for your partner, be sure to do this particular pre-sex ritual at least a day before you get down to business. And if you forget until the last minute, remember that having sex with a little more hair down there is much safer than shaving right before sex. I hope you see it clearly.

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