Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

You would be shocked to know that there are people who do not brush or pay so much attention to cleaning their tongues. They expertly brush their teeth and clean them vigorously but ignore the tongue. Your tongue takes up a large portion of your mouth and should not be ignored.


Your tongue is not smooth, it has crevices, bumps and these are places for bacteria to hide until you remove them, the more crevices they have, the more places for these germs to hide. These germs might be responsible for mouth odour or even tooth decay.


“But I have cleaned my teeth and rinsed my mouth with a mouthwash, that should take care of the germs in the tongue” NO! It is not that simple, some bacteria stick to the surface of the tongue and rinsing or using mouthwash will only remove the ones on the outer surface. You still need to physically remove the germs by brushing your tongue

There are germs on your tongue that simply rinsing will not remove


How Do I Clean My Tongue

The best option at this point is a brush, this should be done whenever you brush your teeth. Take good care to brush every surface of your tongue. Be careful not to brush too hard or use hard brushes so you do not injure yourself.

This simple action takes care of most of the mouth odour problems of many people. If you still experience mouth odour after doing this, see your dentist.

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