Why Snoozing your alarm is Bad for your Health

It’s 5am, your alarm rings, you reach for the snooze button, after all, it’s a slow day, the traffic won’t be that bad, you just need a few more minutes of sleep.


Then you reach for the snooze button. That may be the worst decision you may make all day,


Before you actually wake up, your body starts to restart itself, long before you wake by releasing hormones, these hormones increase your body’s temperature, and the sleep becomes lighter, making it easier to wake you.

When your alarm wakes you, you may be just ready for your day

When you hit the snooze button, and think you can squeeze out 5 or 10 minutes of sleep, your body starts the sleep cycle all over again

After 10 minutes, your alarm rings again, releasing those hormones that cause stress and prepare your body for fight or fright, imagine doing this multiple times, and causing your body stress before your day even begins


Also, your body does not know the difference between 5 minutes of sleep and a full sleep cycle, so when you snooze that alarm and go back to sleep, your body prepares for a full sleep cycle, the chances are, your alarm will wake you at a point where your body is in a form of sleep that is not restful, making you more tired before your day even starts

Your brain forms new memories, while you sleep, now this does not happen when you are snoozing alarm, a recent study showed that students who did this often, performed poorly at school

What do you do?

Try going to bed earlier and get seven to nine hours of sleep. You’ll end up feeling more rested and stronger and ready to rule your world

What do you think?

Should the snooze button go altogether?






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