Why Should I Urinate After Sex

Here’s the short form of this article:

Peeing after sex will help you prevent urinary tract infections.


Here is the long-form:

It is helpful for people with a vagina to urinate after sex and here’s why; The urethra — the small opening where urine comes out from is very close to the opening of the vagina and that of the anus when compared to that of the people with a penis.

During penetrative sex and even during oral sex or cunnilingus, there might be some introduction of bacteria into the urethral opening from the anus and mouth. This can lead to UTIs. Also, the female urethra is short and close to the bladder reducing the distance that the bacteria has to travel through to the kidneys, after colonising the bladder so to speak.


This will not 100% prevent against urinary tract infections. However, it plays a small role in preventing it.

Note that this is for people who have a vagina. People who have a penis are not at risk because their urethra is much longer.


When should I urinate after sex?

As a rule of thumb, the sooner the better, some will tell you within 30 minutes


What urinating after sex will not do

  • It will not prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  • It will not prevent pregnancy or “flush out semen”

It will be clearly stated again that this preventive measure is not 100%, it is still possible to get a UTI after doing this and this is dependent on some other factors

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  1. From the MOUTH and ANUS. So even if it was only oral sex, urinate o because you dont know what bacteria the mouth is harbouring

  2. What happens in a case whereby, you’re not feeling pressed and even when you sit to pee, nothing comes out, not even the tiniest drop?

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