Why Hand Dryers are Bad for You

One of the simplest ways to prevent disease is to wash your hands, and well, often too

But then comes the question, how do I dry my hands? The hand dryer or the towel or my handkerchief, many of us have faced this question in public restrooms and without thinking, we reached for the air dryer, Whoooosh… and then we leave,

But new research is showing that they help in spreading germs rather than removing them. You would be better off using just paper towels

Drying your hands is important in taking care of diseases because wet hands are more likely to spread diseases than dry hands, this is true in public places like hospitals and restaurants, where disease spread can be widespread


In a study done by microbiologists, they found out that these jet air dryers blow more bacteria into the air than paper towels about 27 more times,


What is more disturbing is that some jet-air dryers contained antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is true for hospitals and public places

They work by blowing hot air or cold air unto your hands and this helps to spread germs and viruses, yes, they may dry your hands, but the price you pay is the germs they spread, especially in a place like the bathroom of a shopping mall

The jet air dryer sent out 20 times more virus than the warm air dryer and over 190 times more virus than paper towels, at nine different distances.

The worst distance was about the face level of a child, so imagine a child stretching his hands and receiving all those bacteria into their airway


Also, avoid cloth towels as are reused again and again and can transfer germs from hand to hand.

Besides, using a paper towel is faster, and can be disposed of once you are done


If you can not get paper towels, you can use a hand sanitizer. You will be better, better than nothing at least


  • Use warm or cold water. Wet your hands, then turn off the tap, then apply soap.
  • Lather well, washing the backs of your hands, between your fingers and beneath your nails.
  • Wash for 20 seconds
  • Rinse well under clean, running water.
  • Dry hands with a clean towel or air dry.


Stay safe always

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