When should I have a Caeserean section?

Dr.A: Ma, we will have to deliver the baby through C/S.

Patient: C/S ko C/S ni…My God said I shall deliver like the Hebrew women…

Dr.A: Ok ma…Allow me to preach the gospel of C/S to you…Are You Ready?

C/S is the short form of the word “Caesarean Section”, an operation performed on a pregnant woman in order to deliver her baby…Are You With Me???

Ok…There Are Reasons Why Pregnant Women Undergo C/S.

Mother-Child Reasons:
a. FetoPelvic Disproportion
-Don’t be scared of the big grammar…A baby has to pass through a passage or birth canal in the mother. Sometimes, the passage may be too small for a baby. When this is the case and the woman tried natural childbirth, the baby suffers harm.

b. Maternal Disease:
I. Diabetes: It’s been noted that babies of diabetic mothers are usually bigger than they are supposed to be. This will lead to the “FetoPelvic Disproportion” mentioned earlier. A C/S is done to prevent damage to the baby as it tries to force its way out.

II. Previous Surgeries on the Womb:
-Previous surgeries on the uterus/womb such as C/S or fibroid removal can leave scars on the walls of the womb and weaken the walls too. It is, therefore, better to let the womb rest and bring out the baby through a C/S than to allow the womb to tear while trying to let the baby out.

III. Previous Vaginal Surgeries and Scars:
– Some women were circumcised while others have had surgeries on the vaginas. Some have also harmed their vaginas through procedures such as “tightening”. Ever wondered how a baby comes out of such a tiny place? It is because the vagina is elastic like a rubber. But all the things mentioned above can reduce the elasticity and hinder natural childbirth. Damage to the head of the baby and also death is prevented through a C/S.

IV. Obstruction To Birth Canal:
– Sometimes there might be some tumours blocking the route for your sweet baby. Instead of letting the baby suffer and die because its way has been blocked, a C/S has to be done to save the baby.

Child Reasons:
I. Fetal Distress:
– Forget the big English again. This means that there is fire on the mountain. Your baby is showing your doctor signs that if it is not brought out within minutes, that there will be tears of sorrow soon. A C/S is always the fastest route of helping a baby that is already in trouble.

II. Mal-presentations:
-The baby is supposed to come with his head. That is, the head should be seen first. But there are times they come with their hand, leg, buttocks or even shoulder. No woman will be comfortable with the pains that will result from the drama the doctor or nurse will perform to bring out a whole baby in time for it to still be alive. To avoid stories that touch the heart, a C/S is done to bring out the baby whole and alive.

What does it mean to deliver like the Hebrew women? It means delivering a healthy baby and being alive too after birth. Successful natural childbirth is a miracle and a successful C/S is a miracle as well.

So let your doctor take care of you

Having a CS does not make you less of a woman

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It was written by Dr Echibuogu Nelson. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking this link

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