This Woman Performed a Caeserean Section on Herself, “I Couldn’t Stand The Pain Anymore”

Remember the name, Inez Ramirez. She is the first woman to perform a CS on herself and survived with her baby.

A mother of 7 children and lives in a one-room apartment with her children, she also did not have a phone, also she lived several miles away from the town. Her birth coach was also not around at the moment. Plus it was almost midnight.

That’s not all the story, 2 years before this labour happened, she lost her baby girl because labour was obstructed. This made her very desperate to save this one.


I Couldn’t Stand The pain Anymore

The knife Inez used to cut herself open

After almost 12 hours of excruciating labour, she got a knife, took some tequila to help with the pain and started to cut her belly open. She tried more than once to open herself. After struggling for more than an hour, she reached into her uterus and pulled her baby out.

This woman relied on her experience as a butcher to perform an unusual procedure on herself. Instead of cutting her abdomen using a traditional method, she used three incisions to make her belly button appear smaller.

A few hours later, the health assistant and another health worker came across the mother and son alive. They both had been cut on the head.

After they stitched Ines’ wound, they immediately took her to the hospital. The journey from their house to the hospital usually takes around 8 hours. Upon her arrival, she underwent surgery to repair her intestines.

Ines said that she had no choice but to die if her unborn child was going to die. However, she was convinced that God would save her and her unborn child.


Inez and her son Orlando

It Was A Happy Ending

Ines felt tremendous pain during her pregnancy, but she was also excited about the birth of her child. The child was born on March 5, 2000, his name? Orlando Ruiz Ramirez

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