This Woman Missed All The Signs of Breast Cancer.

Evelyn was 54 years old when she died from breast cancer and it was advanced. She left behind her 3 children. Her husband had died two years before she died, during the last days, she wrapped her breasts in cloth to hide the smell from the dying mass inside her chest. She didn’t do anything about some of the signs of breast cancer

She didn’t have much time, but breast cancers do not just spring up. Evelyn had had it for years but she didn’t know. So what did Evelyn miss? How was she so unlucky?

Here are some signs of breast cancer you should watch out for:

Early Signs/Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

  1. Discharge from the nipple
  2. Any lumps around your armpit or collarbone
  3. Breast pain that does not go away even after your period.
  4. New lumps in your breast
  5. Rashes or skin changes over your breast, it could be swelling, redness, etc.

Evelyn might have had some or all of these signs but either thought it was something else and it continued progressing to what we call the

Late Symptoms:

  1. The nipple starts to turn inward or retract
  2. Once the skin of the breast starts to look like an orange peel, it is called a peau d’orange sign and this is usually late. see this image:

    Peau d'orange, one of the late signs of breast cancer
    Peau d’Orange sign
  3. Once you notice dimples on your breast, it is not usually a good sign
  4. The lump starts to get bigger than what you already know or remember
  5. Weight loss that is not intentional
  6. Poor appetite
  7. Visible veins on the breast
  8. One breast is getting larger

Evelyn ignored some of these signs of breast cancer and it kept getting worse till it could no longer be handled anymore because like all cancers when it is late, it becomes harder to treat. To know how to prevent them, please click here

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