The Truth and Lies about Pimples (Acne)

Everybody has a piece of advice to give when it comes to pimples, some correct, others not so much, well we got some of the best advice and put it up for you to see and trust us, this is coming from a dermatologist

Some of the advice some people gave are:

1. Put Toothpaste on your pimple, it will dry it up

Putting toothpaste on your acne may dry up your skin and affect it, making it scaly and in some cases, cause inflammation. Do not try this at home, but you can use a benzyl peroxide wash on your skin.

2. Eating chocolate and groundnuts makes my pimples worse

We do not know this for sure, however, if you think it makes it worse, then avoid it, Further studies are needed to be sure that this is indeed true, but there is some evidence that foods that contain high amounts of sugar and dairy may make acne worse. Stress may also play a role and people may eat these meals when they are stressed so, there’s that

3. Bursting a pimple helps it go faster

We are all guilty of this, we do not allow that single pimple on pour faces to rest and therefore we keep popping it

Popping or bursting a pimple can easily cause scarring. another thing that happens is that as you push the pimple out, you also force some of the content into your skin

4. Sweating heavily makes me break out

This is true, but you can prevent this by cleansing your face and your back as soon as possible can help you prevent these breakouts. acne is made worse when dust and sweat are trapped in your skin pores.

5. My Periods make my pimples worse

This is True.

 “Hormones do play a role in acne,” this means that you are more likely to have breakouts during your periods and even during pregnancy. For women who have a hormone imbalance, birth control pills can also be used to treat it.

6. Adults cannot get pimples

Definitely not true, Anyone above the age of puberty can get acne or pimples as they are affected by hormones. Hormone imbalances are also responsible for acne breakouts

When Should I see a Doctor

“When you’ve tried simple things and haven’t gotten results, it’s time to see a dermatologist,”

If they are causing distress and the simple things are not working, then it is time to see a dermatologist

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  1. I am guilty of bursting my pimple/touching it,I know better now…Great Content Aproko doctor,Thank You!!!

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