The Truth About The COVID19 Vaccines

Since the beginning of this pandemic, there has been another pandemic spreading; misinformation. So many lies surrounding the COVID19 pandemic, the 5G connection as well as the zombie myths that have filled our screens. Some myths have spread more than others, and we are here to tell you the truth.

The evidence shows that the vaccines are safe and also effective


Myth: COVID Vaccines make you unable to bear children

This is not the first time that vaccines have been touted to make people infertile. The COVID19 vaccine is not any different. Some people think that it attacks your DNA, this is false.

The vaccines teach your body to make a particular protein similar to that of the virus. This makes your immune system mount a response against it. After this has happened, your body excretes it.

As a matter of fact, ACOG said that the vaccines are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Truth: Vaccines do not make you infertile.



Myth: The COVID Vaccines contain a microchip

Let us break this down immediately, there are no known physical chips that are small enough to pass through a needle. If you want a list of the ingredients of the vaccines, check here: Ingredients of Vaccines

Truth: There are no microchips in COVID19 vaccines



Myth: People Who Take the Vaccine Will Die Very Soon

This one scared a lot of people, people said a certain professor predicted it. However, the truth is this; vaccines have been used for a lot of years. None of them has been proven to have long term adverse effects.

There are some common side effects of the vaccines: chills, fever, weakness, vomiting, which may last for a couple of days. This is as a result of the immune response your body mounts against the protein. Also, note that vaccines are monitored even after they have been released to the public.

Truth: There is no known proof that people will die after taking the vaccine



Myth: COVID19 Vaccines Cause Autism

Most of the misinformation about vaccines and autism can be traced back to Andrew Wakefield who claimed that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine could be linked to autism. This happened in 1998. This claim was later found to be false but people had not moved on from it.

Truth: There is no proof that COVID19 vaccines cause autism



Myth: Some of the COVID19 Vaccines were made from unborn babies

I once heard someone say that the J&J vaccines contained parts from unborn babies, simply because Johnson and Johnson were involved in making some baby products. The interesting thing about conspiracy theories is that they seem to make sense at some level, else they won’t be believed at all.

Many many years ago, some cells gotten from 2 legal abortions were used initially in vaccine research.

Truth: The current COVID19 vaccines do not contain any tissues from unborn babies



Myth: The Vaccines Make You Transmit 5G

How do we start with this one? This is clearly untrue. Above all, it is downright ridiculous. I have been vaccinated and I can assure you that my devices do not get better network because I am around them. There is clearly no connection between the virus, the vaccine and 5G. 5G is a wave, the vaccine is not.

Truth: COVID vaccines do not make you transmit 5G

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