Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections You Should Know About

If we are being honest, STDs are common. Very common in fact, that so many people may not realize that they have them.

If you do not treat STDs, they can

  • cause infertility
  • cause some types of cancer
  • increase the chances of getting HIV
  • harm your baby either while in the womb or during birth.


Here are some common symptoms of Sexually Transmitted infections that you should pay attention to.

Abnormal Discharge from the Penis or Vagina

Once you notice this symptom, it is important you report to your doctor immediately, while it can be caused by other infections, for example; bacterial vaginosis in women, most times it is caused by STDs. During a woman’s menstrual cycle it is okay to have some ‘normal’ vaginal discharge however, once it begins to smell bad or look different from what you are used to, see a doctor.

Other causes are:

  1. Gonorrhoea
  2. Trichomoniasis
  3. Chlamydia

These infections I mentioned can be treated. If you contract a sexually transmitted infection, it is important you inform your sexual partners immediately so they can get treatment also.



Pain or Burning While Urinating

STDs that can cause this are:

  1. Gonorrhoea
  2. Herpes
  3. Chlamydia
  4. Trichomoniasis

Please also note that pain while urinating can be caused by other conditions like a urinary tract infection, (It is a very common cause) and also kidney stones



Sores or Rash around your Genitals

This is usually the first sign of some common STDs like

  1. syphilis
  2. chancroids
  3. HPV or warts
  4. herpes
  5. molluscum contagiosum

these rashes can be different, it is best you speak to a doctor for proper diagnosis. Sometimes the sore can heal but the condition is still in your body. for instance, herpes, syphilis.



Pain During Sex

Pain during ejaculation in men can be a symptom that an STD is present. If the pain started with a new sexual partner or is new, you may need to see a doctor. Some women experience pain during sex for many reasons so they tend to overlook it.


However, if the pain is in your lower abdomen, it may be caused by Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which is usually caused when STDs are not treated properly, they can ascend into the uterus(womb) and ovaries where they cause scars. These scars can lead to infertility or in rare cases, death.


Other Symptoms

Some of these conditions I have mentioned may come with fever, chills, weight loss in some cases. However, they are non-specific and could be a sign of other conditions. Speak to your doctor if you have had unprotected sex recently and fear that you might be infected. Above all, make sure you protect yourself.


In conclusion, if you suspect that you have an STI, see your doctor immediately. The earlier you start treating it, the better for you.

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