Missing Tooth of 13 year Old Found in his testicles

Doctors in Russia at the Morozov Children Hospital have removed a tooth that was found growing inside a teenage boy’s testicle


This condition is rare, but not extremely rare as a certain variant can affect as low as one in 40000 people

In the most shocking of events, He was missing a molar in his mouth at the left, and doctors think that it had instead grown inside his testicles.

The operating doctors report that the surgery was a success and that his sexual function will not be affected and can go on to have a normal adult sexual life

His condition is known as a teratoma which is a type of tumour that is made of different types of tissue including hair, bone, teeth, and even muscle, and can be found anywhere in the body but are typically found in the testicles, ovaries and the coccyx or tailbone of humans, it will usually present as a painless lump in the testicles and may have no symptoms depending on the size of the tumour

It may complicate and form what is called a testicular torsion which is simply when the testicles twists and may cut off blood supply to it. A medical emergency

The operation was carried out by surgeon Dmitry Tarusin, a senior children’s urologist and andrologist.

The hospital says ‘The tooth was the second molar or the seventh in the upper jaw.


‘It usually replaced by the permanent tooth at the age of ten to 12.’

A scan ‘revealed something inside the testicle that looked like renal gravel (gravel in kidneys).

The decision was taken to take out the tissue as soon as possible

We have had examples of teeth growing inside the lungs, but this is not a common occurrence

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