Is Air Conditioning Bad For Me

The world is warming at a faster rate than ever seen before and you would have to living in the coldest regions of the world not to notice

But the chances are that you are living in some of the hottest places of the world, hence you asked this question because the Air conditioner has become a daily part of our lives.

That hot day when you get into a conditioned room and instantly feel relief, but the question remains, “Is it bad for me”?


Not really, Some ACs come with special filters for bacteria, allergens, mold, dust mites which actually help you live better and healthier lives

The trick is to clean them often as stated in the manual of your AC so as to keep them functioning well.


If you are someone with Asthma, you could benefit from using an air conditioner, because they reduce the humidity in the air also, and humidity might make asthma worse


But if you live in a large apartment building or spend most of your time in large buildings that use a central conditioning unit, chances are that you may be at risk for Legionnaires disease which can cause pneumonia( an infection of your lungs)


This Legionnaires disease is spread through airborne water droplets and these central ACs use water as part of their systems

The mobile, window units and car ACs do not seem to allow the bacteria to grow and so are not known to cause this disease


So large air central units should be constantly treated and monitored

For some people with sinus problems, the very cold air from the ACs can irritate their nasal membranes and cause a runny nose or runny nose or rhinitis, so the trick is to keep the temperature at a tolerable range, not too cold.



Summary: Air conditioning is not bad for you, and in many cases, it can be very good for you, and in this recent heat waves that are spreading, it can reduce the instances of heat-related illnesses and even death from heat

So if you have it, use it, just worry about your electricity bills, but don’t worry, that’s cool… See what I did there?


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10 Responses

  1. This is a priceless information.

    God bless you o. Unknowingly, I held the opinion that too much of AC is unhealthy but it has been debunked today.

  2. Kudos to you, I and my room mate always argue and almost had a quarrel whenever I put on the AC he always complained that it’s has effect which I always disagree with him but now that he read about it from you he feel sorry.

  3. Some types of water-cooled air conditioning systems may be the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease

    One of the most effective means of protecting the system from contamination, and therefore protecting you and the occupants of the building from Legionnaire’s Disease is by installing a system that uses air-cooled refrigerant.

    Also, regular maintenance helps.

  4. I don’t like AC, I mean my spirit likes it but my flesh sees it as an enemy, this is what I mean, staying under the AC makes me weak, very weak, accompanied with a very strong headache, I can’t explain the way my stomach feels, I always feel like vomiting…… My activeness under the AC is often reduced to 0, am I normal like this😲?

  5. We had our baby recently and someone warned us against using AC or fans with the child. Thing is, the little man sweats a lot and I don’t know how to balance that.

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