How to treat Premature Ejaculation

Certain times ejaculation (the release of semen from the penis during sex can occur faster than you or your partner would like, when this happens, it can be called quite embarrassing for many men and disappointing for their partners.

When this happens, we call it “premature ejaculation”

You should know that this is quite common among men, it is said that one in every three men has suffered from this condition at one point in their lives, it may even be the person reading this now

Anything that prevents you from enjoying your sexual experience is called a sexual dysfunction and because premature ejaculation affects your sexual lifestyle, it is a sexual dysfunction

How Do I know I have Premature Ejaculation:

If you are unable to delay ejaculation for more than a minute during intercourse, or you climax quickly when you masturbate you may have premature ejaculation

It is fine if this happens once in a while, but when it becomes regular and happens more than is normal then you should seek help

Some people have always had this condition since their first sexual encounter, this kind is called the primary premature ejaculation, others seem to have developed it at some point in their lives, we call this kind the acquired kind.



What Causes It?

The commonest causes are mainly in the mind-psychological, for example, a person’s first sexual experience, an anxious person, guilt, even stressful situations can lead to this. They are usually temporary and improves with time. However there are some conditions like: depression, or a person that has been sexually abused in the past, may have issues with premature ejaculation and may benefit from mental health experts


Some people worry about ejaculating too early and this may worsen their condition or they may be so stressed or even have a new sexual partner and the need to impress may cause premature ejaculation

Low or abnormally high levels of hormones in males especially testosterone may lead to premature ejaculation.

When Should I See A Doctor?

  • If it is causing problems in your relationship
  • If it is affecting your sexual drive
  • If it beginning to lower your self-esteem
  • If you cannot control ejaculation
  • If it is occurring too often and too soon


How to treat premature ejaculation

Masturbating before sexual intercourse can help delay ejaculation and this has helped some people

Start/stop method

One other method you could try is the start and stop method, How is this done?

Allow your sexual partner to stimulate your penis till you are ready to ejaculate, tell them to stop just before you ejaculate and repeat the process again, you could do this for as long as you feel comfortable, increasing the number of times you attempt, then you allow yourself ejaculate

The American Urological Association says you can do this up to 3 times in a week till you begin to feel you are in control and can control ejaculation, this is supposed to make you aware of the feelings before ejaculation.

Squeeze method:

Here, your partner does the same thing but before ejaculation squeezes hard on your penis until the feeling passes away. This can be repeated many times.

Please note that this will not give you immediate results, and there is no guarantee that they will solve the issue by themselves.

Kegel Exercises:

Imagine you are about to stop urine or hold in gas, you are clenching some muscles as you do this. Concentrate on those muscles, don’t squeeze your butt as your butt is not part of this muscles

Clench these muscles, hold for a few seconds and then release

Do this as many times in a day as possible, you can do them sitting, standing or even lying down. You can even try to do them while urinating, try stopping your stream of urine.

Reducing Sensitivity

Wearing a condom has been shown to reduce sensitivity, this can help reduce premature ejaculation.

Thicker condoms tend to be more effective than thinner condoms.

Some people may benefit from creams or lotions that numb the feelings on the penis, but this has to be prescribed by a doctor


There are no currently approved drugs for treating premature ejaculation.

You may be able to finally treat premature ejaculation using these methods but one thing that cannot be ignored is talking with your partner.

They should be understanding and help you through it and focus on other aspects of your relationship.

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  1. Doc, i have two growths on my testis on the epidydimal(cyst) in 2008 i went for surgery and they did varicocel , the growths are still there and making my very uncomfortable most times it does not afftect my sex drive at all. please advice

    1. Another method is getting your mind off the scene. Once you feel the buildup from far, imagine yourself in a place like church/mosque, cinema et al. Just somewhere that’ll help relax that feeling.
      The good thing about controlling this first felling is that when you do, you’ll surely be the one to decide when to finally ejaculate.

    2. Don’t try to play a fast one on your partner. Always let her in on your feelings and the efforts you’re making. She’ll help you through it and make you more comfortable. This way, your confidence and control grows.

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