How To Protect Yourself During Oral Sex

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  1. Hello hw are doing pls Dr. you talked about an infection like when someone has fever and their is a wound on the month of the people that people think is fever but is not that i can come on the month or at the private part of person pls what is the name and the kind of drug that need to be taken. Thank you so much.

      1. My brother God bless you for helping me out here, is they any drug one can take for this????

  2. Hi Doc.
    So what happens when you place the slit condom over the vagina or anus? Do you do the oral thing by licking the condom with the intent that the other party get the feelings?
    Please, elucidate on that.

  3. Thanks doc for this enlightenment and I have a question not related with this topic

    My question
    Last year I started having a skin growth somewhere around my vaginal which had size of a skin rash,I felt it would just go perhaps it was an aftershave rash but this year I noticed it’s grown. It doesn’t give any pain or itching but I’m really concerned about it.

    Doc,what could be the cause ? and do you think I should not be concerned about it?

    Thank you sir.

    1. Pls take it serious. It might be genital warts. It clears off itself most times if your immune system is strong but its advisable to treat it by visiting a gynaecologist.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I would like to know how the female gender can protect themselves while giving oral sex as this looks like it’s for the guys

  5. Hi Doctor! I have anal wart, I’ve done cryptography the wart came off except one. I need a drug recommendation or a medicated cream that i can use to make the wart come off.

  6. Hello, I had oral sex last weekend and days later I started feeling pains in my throat like it was trying to close. When I cough it comes with mucus but it could be just a cough but then there’s an existing pain so it could be related?
    I also feel the pain when I sneeze.

  7. Hi Doc. Please I need a little clarification on something. My cousin confided in me that he usually feels sick and body pain after having sex with his girlfriend. Please, what could be the cause of it and how can it be treated?

  8. Visit a Pharmacist. They can give u injection. Anti biotics injection is very active. I have had it before. But its gone after taking the injection, but I don’t know the name

  9. Good day Doc,
    After placing the slit condom over the vagina or anus, what happens next? Is the guy meant to give pleasure through the condom?
    Again, what about the ladies, don’t we need to do something to protect ourselves when giving the man pleasure orally?

  10. Why does a woman have virginal cut at the base of the entrance?
    This happens each time penetration is to occur! I mean by the time the penis is about to occur, then the cut happens and makes sex painful for her and all the same, stops sex? Is there a solution?

  11. Hello doc, thanks for your generosity. Please my partner and I Have been together for more than five years and we’ve been struggling with staph all through this years, we’ve tried all kinds of remedy, both orthodox and herbal but symptoms keep reoccurring. Please help cause I think we’ve been abusing antibiotics for far too long

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