How To Fight Body Odor

This condition can be quite embarrassing, to say the least, and most people who have it are oblivious to it.

Having a body odour is mainly related to sweat and the bacteria that break down the proteins in the sweat into smaller acids to give off a certain smell, these bacteria live on our skin.

As people approach puberty, the sweat glands become active in the pubic and armpit which can cause body odour to become evident during this period

Sweat in itself does not have any odour; it is the break down by bacteria that causes them to stink.

But all hope is not lost as there are certain things you can do to help manage this condition




How to treat body odour:

  • Shave your armpits as often as you can
  • Take your bath with soap, twice daily, take special care to scrub your armpits and groin areas
  • Use deodorants
  • Use antiperspirants, there are many in the market that may be best for you
  • Wash your clothes often, if you sweat a lot, try not to repeat wearing clothes without washing them first, especially underwear
  • Wear clothes that absorb sweat like cotton and natural fabrics
  • Do not take too many spicy foods or smelly foods.
  • Don’t overdo coffee (it tends to make you sweat a lot)
  • Put powder on your feet, if they tend to get sweaty a lot
  • Change your socks often, you can ask about antibacterial socks


Other Causes of Body odour:

  • Trimethylaminuria(Fish Odor Syndrome): This complex word just simply means that your body is unable to break down a certain compound known as trimethylamine, a compound found in most diets, and has the smell of rotten fish. It is a genetic disease and is present from birth. This trimethylamine is secreted in the urine, sweat and the breath of people that have this condition. It is usually treated by restricting the diet, using acid lotion or soaps, activated charcoal and some supplements


What Your Doctor may do

In some cases that are not responsive to the above, some people may benefit from having botulinum toxin injections into their armpits to stop the sweat glands from working. The effects can last up to 8 months at a time


Some people may benefit from surgery that removes the nerves that control your sweat glands, this is done if none of the other methods is effective

Following the above tips will help in treating many cases of body odour, but if it still persists, please see a doctor as soon as possible

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