Honey Vs Sugar, Which is Better?

Recently a lot of people have moved from sugar to honey because they feel honey is healthier than processed sugar but what is the truth? Is honey actually healthier than processed sugar? or is it just in our minds? Is Honey really better than sugar

How are they similar?

  •  They are both made of glucose and fructose (carbohydrates)
  • They both can cause weight gain if used in excess
  • They both contain a lot of calories


What else does Honey contain?

Asides containing fructose and glucose, honey also contains small amounts of vitamins B, C, some amino acids, flavonoids, enzymes. At this point you should know that the amounts are trace amounts, very little.


Can Honey Raise My Blood Sugar Levels?

The short answer is yes.


Why Do People Use Honey Instead of Sugar?

  • Honey contains more fructose so you can use less amounts than you would sugar
  • The trace vitamins and flavonoids is better than nothing at all
  • If it contains pollen, they might help with allergies
  • It has some benefits in treating coughs or sore throats
  • It is used in medical settings to treat burns


Why Should I Be Worried About Honey?

  • Honey contains a lot of calories, so if you are concerned about keeping your weight down or have conditions like diabetes, you should be aware of this
  • Honey should not be given to children under one year, they might contain spore that might lead to infant botulism, read more here


So what Do We Do?

Here is the simple message: If you use honey or sugar in excess, they can have negative effects on your health. Both honey and sugar can spike your blood sugar. At the end of the day the amount you use matters. A lot of foods especially processed foods contain processed sugar so you have to be careful on what you eat. Eating a lot of sugar can increase the chances that you might develop type 2 diabetes or even heart disease. It can even lead to obesity.


If you have health conditions like diabetes or heart disease, you need to speak to your dietitian to draw up a nutritional plan for you.

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