“Toilet Infections” Are Not Real! Doctor explains why

toilet infections

Over the weekend, we spoke to a popular Nigerian Doctor known as Aproko Doctor about toilet infections and he had the following to say:

“There’s nothing like a “toilet infection”

It’s a misnomer for a group of conditions referred to as vaginitis, which result in itching, vaginal discharge.

Now there are 3 main causes of this condition

  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Candidiasis
  • Trichomoniasis

NONE of which is gotten from the toilet

Some will swear it started right after they used a public toilet but it usually starts long before that “toilet” is used and can be attributed to the vaginal practices of the owner. I just saw someone advocating for toothpaste to be used on the vagina!

He went further to explain “toilet infections”…

Your vagina has bacteria living in it already, let’s call it good bacteria, known as lactobacilli, that’s what makes the vagina acidic, and acidic is good. At least for the vagina.

As long as these guys are in charge, you are in the clear at least. Now there are other bacteria outside, on your skin, from your anus, on that person’s finger, on that cucumber, dildo etc. That want to overpower the good bacteria.

Remember it’s all about balance

Now some people erroneously think that washing inside the vagina makes it cleaner…

Some even buy some pearl nonsense
It doesn’t work!

Rather it kills off the good bacteria and allows the bad bacteria to grow everywhere.

The cookie begins to smell fishy

Leave the vagina alone! It knows how to do its job by itself.

It can clean itself if you must clean, clean just the surface with running water, avoid washing inside, avoid harsh soaps.

They just make things worse…

You might decide to try out a new sexual partner, Gbam!
Or use an intrauterine device
Or abuse antibiotics anyhow

Did you know that nutrition may contribute to the severity of bacterial vaginosis? Book a registered dietitian-nutritionist to discuss your nutritional care today.

They make it easier for you to get what I’m describing above known as bacteria vaginosis.

It is NOT a sexually transmitted disease.

But it’s associated with sex. Do you understand?
Especially multiple sexual partners. Lez go to Candidiasis, the itch is usually not ignored, plus the whitish milkish discharge.

This is caused by an overgrowth of a fungus known as Candida.

Especially when the area is damp for long

It can also be caused by abusing antibiotics,
Pregnancy, diabetes or even HIV. …Or the same practices I outlined above.

Leave the vagina alone!

The discharge from this may not always smell bad

The last one Trichomoniasis is sexually transmitted… Yes, you don’t get it from the toilet.

Can also be spread by Oral sex, anal sex. The discharge is smelly too, bad.

Watery, and associated with itching

Gives off a discharge and foul smell

So we asked, how do you prevent all of these?

Avoid multiple sexual partners, always test your sexual partner and yourself for STIs

Wear dry cotton panties, g strings should not be worn for long periods

Avoid douching

Stop abusing antibiotics

Use condoms
Don’t share sex toys

Sometimes the backsplash of WATER in the toilet bowl to you when you’re defecating or when cleaning can infect your urinary tract and might lead to a urinary tract infection. This is possible. Leads to painful urination. If you have a vaginal discharge, do not just rush to the drug store and start abusing drugs, see a doctor to rule out other causes

I think I should point out here that poorly treated pelvic infections can affect fertility in the future, make sure you get PROPER TREATMENT


What do you think about the so-called “toilet infections”?


Cover image credits: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

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