5 Tips To Help You Stick To The Healthy Diet You Chose

If you are reading this, chances are you have decided to go on a healthy diet, you probably had tried and failed, tried again and failed again. Some people then assume that it is a lost battle and go back to their previous eating habits.   What are you doing wrong, what can you do […]

Olu Jacobs Has Lewy Body Dementia, This Is What It Really Means

A few days ago, in an interview, we got to find out that the legendary Olu Jacobs suffers from a kind of dementia known as LBD or Lewy Body Dementia, but what does it really mean, is there any cure? What are the treatment options?   These are the questions we want to answer in […]

Can Sausages Cause Cancer?

  A lot of us love it, as a matter of fact, it has become a very important addition into many meals, especially our Nigerian fried rice, but are they safe? Some people even search “can sausage cause cancer” Dr Chinonso Egemba had a few thoughts on them on his Twitter page below “If you […]

Are Waist Trainers Harmful?

First Off, What Do Waist Trainers Do? The waist trainer squeezes your abdomen, but it fades when you take off. Wearing a waist trainer can make you sweat more while training, which can help you lose water weight. This also does not last If you regularly wear a waist trainer, it can cause the atrophy […]

This Simple Trick Will Protect Your Eyes

You are either reading this from a computer screen or a mobile screen. you probably have been using this screen for a couple of hours today. This continuous use of screens can cause eye strain and make your eyes feel tired. Why?   We humans generally blink about 15 times in a minute, when we […]

Honey Vs Sugar, Which is Better?

Recently a lot of people have moved from sugar to honey because they feel honey is healthier than processed sugar but what is the truth? Is honey actually healthier than processed sugar? or is it just in our minds? Is Honey really better than sugar How are they similar?  They are both made of glucose […]

Why Do Mosquitoes Always Bite Me And Not Others

You must have heard some people say “My blood is sweeter to mosquitoes than other people”. Truth is, they are not wrong. Mosquitoes really do prefer some people to others. Before we go into that, let us answer a major question. What Attracts Mosquitoes? Generally, mosquitoes are attracted to Colours: Dark colours like red, navy […]

Before You Bleach Your Skin, Read This

Nigeria has one big problem and that is the use of bleaching products. Some reports claim that Nigeria has the 2nd highest number of people that use bleaching products in the world. This poses a huge problem because of the effects that follow skin bleaching. Different names have been coined to cloak the word “bleaching” […]

Shisha Vs, Cigarettes: Which Is More Dangerous?

30% of adults believe that Shisha(otherwise known as hookah) is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, others believe that the water in shisha serves to filter some of the toxins present in shisha. Another group believes that shisha contains only flavour and no toxins at all, given that most of them smell sweet. This is far […]

Why You Should Brush Your Tongue

You would be shocked to know that there are people who do not brush or pay so much attention to cleaning their tongues. They expertly brush their teeth and clean them vigorously but ignore the tongue. Your tongue takes up a large portion of your mouth and should not be ignored.   Your tongue is […]