This Girl Has the DNA of 3 Parents Not 2, Find Out How

Normally, for a child to be born, there has to be a fusion of the DNA of two people, one half from the mother and one from the father. That is not the case for Alana Saarinen, she was conceived with the DNA of 3 people in the year 2000. More than 20 years ago […]

How Suya May Give You Cancer and How You Can Prevent It

At almost every junction in this part of the world, you’ll find a suya joint. As a matter of fact, in many places, it is only sold at night. Selling it in the day seems like a deviation from the normal. I read a saying one time that is not far from the truth: whatever […]

New COVID vaccine offers 90% protection

First things first, a vaccine makes your body think that it has contracted a disease which stimulates your body to make antibodies that protect you from that particular disease. See the image below for how a vaccine works When COVID19 hit the world, the race to make a vaccine began and so far today has […]

Injecting Seasoning Cubes Into The Buttocks To Enlarge Them: What Are The Risks?

I came across a video recently that shocked me, it was the video of a woman injecting a concoction made up of seasoning cubes and chicken stock. She injected this concoction into her anus. She believed that this concoction would increase her butt and help her achieve a sexier look. It couldn’t be farther from […]

Malt and Milk will Not Give You Blood, Try This Instead

A Nigerian doctor by name DrOlufunmilayo decided to break the myth concerning the practice among Nigerians taking a Malt and Milk drink in the hopes that it will help replenish their blood levels. Is there any truth to this? it all started when a random Twitter user by name Accidental Engineer posted a picture of […]

Missing Tooth of 13 year Old Found in his testicles

Doctors in Russia at the Morozov Children Hospital have removed a tooth that was found growing inside a teenage boy’s testicle   This condition is rare, but not extremely rare as a certain variant can affect as low as one in 40000 people In the most shocking of events, He was missing a molar in […]

Man Bitten by a Dog starts “barking”. Find out Why

Over the weekend a video got spread across social media channels about a man who was barking like a dog while being recorded by a bystander who may be the doctor after obtaining permission from the parent of the affected person, according to the managing health worker, this person had been bitten by a dog […]

Energy Drinks, Are they Good for Me?

Experts are now concerned about the risks that may come with consuming energy drinks There was a recent study in the American Heart Journal find the research here, found that energy drinks containing caffeine can change the electrical activity of the heart and increase blood pressure Your heart beats about 80 times in a minute […]

Confessions of a Big Girl (Body Odour Palava)

The office I am going to is right ahead of me and my legs can’t seem to carry me there fast enough! I am pushing my legs to quickly close the gaps between us and outrun the second pair of legs behind me. I got to the entrance, thankfully there was no security personnel at […]

Sleeping with your contact lenses can lead to blindness

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