This Woman Missed All The Signs of Breast Cancer.

Evelyn was 54 years old when she died from breast cancer and it was advanced. She left behind her 3 children. Her husband had died two years before she died, during the last days, she wrapped her breasts in cloth to hide the smell from the dying mass inside her chest. She didn’t do anything […]

Are Waist Trainers Harmful?

First Off, What Do Waist Trainers Do? The waist trainer squeezes your abdomen, but it fades when you take off. Wearing a waist trainer can make you sweat more while training, which can help you lose water weight. This also does not last If you regularly wear a waist trainer, it can cause the atrophy […]

Yes, That Tampon Should Not Stay In Longer Than 8 Hours — This Is Why

In this part of the world, a lot of women prefer sanitary pads to tampons, which is basically down to personal preference. Others decide to use tampons because they reactions from pads, itching the skin around the vulva for one as well as a rash. Some say tampons are easier to use and can even […]

Injecting Seasoning Cubes Into The Buttocks To Enlarge Them: What Are The Risks?

I came across a video recently that shocked me, it was the video of a woman injecting a concoction made up of seasoning cubes and chicken stock. She injected this concoction into her anus. She believed that this concoction would increase her butt and help her achieve a sexier look. It couldn’t be farther from […]

Why Should I Urinate After Sex

Here’s the short form of this article: Peeing after sex will help you prevent urinary tract infections.   Here is the long-form: It is helpful for people with a vagina to urinate after sex and here’s why; The urethra — the small opening where urine comes out from is very close to the opening of […]

Please, Is Female Ejaculation Real?

Female ejaculation seems like a myth. However, some of us have seen it happen, a number of us including you might have experienced it, that sudden gush of liquid when you were having sex, for some, it is embarrassing, for others, they just laugh. I have seen it happen and we want to answer a […]

Tips on How to Prevent Breast Cancer


  The fact is this, almost everyone reading this knows someone that is or has suffered from this disease, so it is perfectly normal for people to feel worried or frightened when you mention breast cancer. There are a couple of ways we know that you can use to prevent developing breast cancer and while […]

Can My Vagina Become Loose? How Do I “Tighten” It?


When you say the word vagina, everyone lights up… From Instagram ads to Facebook ads, everyone telling you how they can improve how tight your vagina can become. There is also the misconception that it can become loose and lose the ability to become tight forever, this is not true at all.   The vagina […]

The Truth and Lies about Pimples (Acne)

Everybody has a piece of advice to give when it comes to pimples, some correct, others not so much, well we got some of the best advice and put it up for you to see and trust us, this is coming from a dermatologist Some of the advice some people gave are: 1. Put Toothpaste […]

When are Periods abnormal?

Menstruation is the process by which a woman discharges blood and the lining of the uterus from her vagina at regular intervals of about a month from adolescence till menopause, except during pregnancy. It is an absolutely normal phenomenon in females but occasionally can become abnormal due to a variety of reasons. The following scenarios […]