Why Does My Vagina Smell and How Do I Prevent It?

vagina is smelling

There is a common misconception among women when it comes to the vagina, one of them is the vagina should have no smell, this is not totally correct as odor is a complex and everyone has a smell or odor, When this becomes a problem is when this scent becomes unbearable or unpleasant that may […]

How to Control Hypertension

Your heart beats about 60-80 times in a minute when you are resting, it takes a particular amount of pressure to push the blood from the heart through all the vessels in the body when this pressure is increased to abnormal levels, we say that such a person has hypertension. You should also know that […]

What to Do When Your Vagina Itches or Hurts

Many times the vagina can become inflamed and may cause some discharge, pain and most times itching. This happens because the vagina balance of bacteria in the vagina is upset and this can lead to an infection. There are “good” bacteria in the vagina known as lactobacillus, this is what gives the vagina its acidic […]

What is this sore on my lips?

  You must have seen them around, quite common, red blisters that form near the mouth or on other areas on the face. Many people will claim it is malaria or typhoid because that is when they see those blisters pop up and they go when the illness reduces, but what could they be? They […]

Piles (Hemorrhoids), What you need to know. How to Prevent them.

Hemorrhoids(piles) are basically the same thing as having varicose veins in your anus, they occur because the veins in your anus and rectum are swollen This can occur when the pressure in the veins increases either due to straining when defecating or during pregnancy when the uterus causes the veins to swell because blood tends […]

What is Appendicitis? How Can I prevent it?

In your large intestine, there is a small tube called the appendix, it is about 2-4 cm long and up till now, doctors are not sure exactly what it’s function is, we can only assume. At times, this tube could get blocked, or infected leading to a condition known as appendicitis, where the appendix becomes […]

Why Your Period is Late

  Why Your Period is Late It is the middle of the month, the end or the beginning, you go to your period app on your phone and it tells you what you do not want to hear; You are almost a week late, Am I pregnant? But I have not had sex in years, […]

Why Does my stomach hurt?

Pain is usually a sign that all is not well and should not be ignored Pain in your belly can be caused by either an infection in your belly or some part of your bowel is obstructed, or even a growth in your abdomen,   There are many organs in the abdomen and pin pointing […]

If You Feel Pain While Urinating, It Might Be One Of These

Pain during urination is a fairly common symptom that happens when you feel some form of discomfort when you urinate. This pain can either be coming from your bladder or the pipe that leads out from the bladder called the urethra The urethra is a small tube that carries urine outside of your body. In […]