Can My Vagina Become Loose? How Do I “Tighten” It?


When you say the word vagina, everyone lights up…

From Instagram ads to Facebook ads, everyone telling you how they can improve how tight your vagina can become.

There is also the misconception that it can become loose and lose the ability to become tight forever, this is not true at all.


The vagina is elastic, What does this mean?

That it can stretch to accommodate a baby, a sex toy or even a penis and still go back to its previous shape.

Let us get some things straight, it is possible for your vagina to change over time, but it cannot lose its elasticity permanently.

There is also some obsession about tight vaginas and this is not necessarily a good thing, as there are medical conditions that are responsible for tight vaginas that may be difficult to penetrate, this condition is known as vaginismus.


What affects the vagina?

2 things are responsible for the way your vagina will feel over time;

  • Age
  • Childbirth

We have to make it expressly clear that sex, will not affect the elasticity.



In a woman’s body, there are certain hormones, one of them known as estrogen is responsible for the way your vagina feels as a young person

As you age, and oestrogen drops it becomes;

  • Dry
  • Thin
  • Less elastic

These changes become very noticeable as soon as menopause is established.



After childbirth, it is normal for your vagina to feel a little bit different, this is because the muscles and the vagina itself had to stretch a great deal during childbirth to allow the baby pass through;

It takes a short while for the vagina to get back to its original shape.

But after having a couple of childbirths, the muscles around the vagina become lax and this may affect how it feels.

Do not lose hope, there are some vaginal exercises to help you regain the tightness that you previously had by working the vaginal floor muscles.



Pelvic floor exercises can be done to strengthen the muscles around the vagina to help “tighten” it so to speak, these exercises will help support the walls of the vagina. They are called Kegel exercises.

How do you do the Kegel exercises?

  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles (imagine you are about to hold in urine or stop urinating, take note of the group of muscles that clench, take not clench your butt
  • Hold the contraction and tighten it for about 5 seconds, relax and repeat
  • Repeat this about 6 times in a row
  • Do this often during the day, as soon as you remember
  • Increase the duration you clench these muscles

If you repeat this up to 5 times in a day, you should start to see results in a few weeks. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe electrical stimulation of the muscles of your pelvis.



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  1. Doc, can one use alum,( potash) to tighten the vagina , I have heard a lot about this practice and also using liquid from aloe vera

  2. Good job Doc, huge thanks for your educating piece always.
    Please I’d want you to talk about the prevalence of high blood sugar(diabetes) especially amongst young people.
    Let’s create some awareness and improve our lifestyle.
    Thank you Doc

  3. Is it true that after mestration the Virginia become loose it.and do sitbath after periodt to tighten the muscle back

  4. Pls doctor can you address the issue about don’t pearls and similar products. So many people are being misled, so they might listen to you. Thank you. Keep up your Good work

  5. Nice one doc, pls talk about premature ejaculation and weak erection too🙏 Thanks doc you’re doing a great job

  6. Thanks Doc for the enlightening information.i have seen drugs ,gel etc. That are used for tightening the Vagina,how effective are they?

  7. Thank u doc for this piece , pls i had warts during pregnancy and d warts left on it own without using anything pls i’d like to know d cause and should i be worried? Plus my husband didnt have it oh cos we had sex couple of times then

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