Can I get a STD from #beardgang

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Can I get an STD from #beardgang?

We get it!

Having a glorious mane has become one of the definitions of the word “man”

Matter of fact? It has become an item in the checklist of many women, almost driving smooth-chinned guys like us crazy,

But what if the #beardgang is to blame for some of the sexually transmitted infections flying around, and I don’t in any way say it’s the randy nature of men, the real culprit, in this case, is the beard itself and a really bad grooming habit.
Here’s why!

The beard is a perfect breeding ground for germs and diseases if not perfectly groomed…

Sometimes, bits of food get trapped in there and becomes a country of microbes, not even though studies say there’s a small risk, there’s the chance of facial hair being a landlord to germs such as herpes and in most cases, a fungal infection…

They can even hide serious skin infections underneath.
The wiry nature of beard hair can be implicated here also, as it traps sweat, body fluids, saliva, you name it…
Now imagine all this when he’s trying to give you some mouth action.

Imagine all those microbes relocating from the old house: his beard, to a brand new apartment: your (winks)

They move in there, disrupt the normal flora of your vagina, colonise it and just like that, you begin to experience an itchy nether area, foul vaginal discharge, smelly.
What to do?

1. First, encourage him to groom his facial hair right, which means washing it with soap in the shower at least once a day and inspecting it regularly (like after meals) to make sure no particles or dirt are trapped between the hairs.
And before you engage in any direct contact with his unshaven mug, give it a quick once-over to make sure the skin around and under it is healthy, with no redness, bumps, or blisters.
Most importantly, always be safe!

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