5 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Might Be Attracted To You More Than Others

You must have heard of what they call “sweet blood”, some people can swear that mosquitoes only bite them and leave other people. They are correct, there is actually a scientific reason behind this.

First of all, you should know that the female anopheles mosquitoes are the ones responsible for sucking blood. They do this because they need blood to grow their eggs. The males feed on the nectar of flowers.

Here are 8 reasons why mosquitoes might be attracted to some people and not to others


1. Color of your cloth

There is research that shows that mosquitoes are attracted to black colours, we do not know exactly why. So if you wear dark colors at night, mosquitoes might find you attractive.


2. You’re pregnant

Pregnant women might be more attractive to mosquitoes than others

Mosquitoes generally have been shown to be attracted to pregnant women than women who are not pregnant. Maybe this is because they release more carbon dioxide and have more body heat than others. Which brings us to our next point


3. Heat and Body Odor

Mosquitoes can smell some compounds from as far as 50 meters away. They are also attracted to heat as well as some compounds on our skin, compounds like uric acid, for instance, that is a product of protein breakdown can be very attractive to mosquitoes. In addition, some people have more steroids on their skin and sweat which can be very attractive to mosquitoes.


4. Carbon Dioxide

Similarly, mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide that we all breathe out. They can sense a change in the carbon dioxide concentration in an area and immediately move in. Although we all secrete carbon dioxide, some do more than others.


5. You just had alcohol

alcohol might attract mosquitoes, research is small however

There was a small study done a while ago that showed that people who had just consumed beer were more attractive to mosquitoes than people who did not. The link to that study is here


It can be quite frustrating to be the brunt of mosquito bites and honestly, the irritation from the bite might be the least of your problems, infections like malaria should be at the top of your list.

For this purpose, here are some ways you can prevent mosquito bites

  1. Use insecticide-treated nets
  2. If you are going to be outside at night, wear long-sleeved clothing.
  3. If you have torn window nets, repair them
  4. Use ceiling fans and air conditioners, it reduces their activities
  5. In addition, use mosquito repellents on exposed skin if you are going to spend time in the open
  6. Remove any bushes around you
  7. Ensure you do not have waterlogged areas around you, empty or cover barrels of water. That’s how they breed.
  8. Finally, use insecticides indoors to kill any lingering mosquitoes
Keep mosquitoes out

In conclusion, it is important that you prevent mosquito bites at all cost, especially in areas in tropical areas.

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  1. Please Aporoko doctor follow me on twitter please on twitter.com/victorchigbuU I will be great full sir

    I am rarely got bitten by mosquito… Sometimes I wonder why I don’t complain when virtually everybody will be crying of mosquitoes. Now I know….

    Please Aporoko doctor follow me on twitter please on twitter.com/victorchigbuU I will be great full sir

  2. Educative piece. since they sense the change in our environment owing to emission of carbon dioxide, there’s no running away from Mosquitoes 🤦.
    Thank you Doctor 🙌

  3. Mosquitoes bite only me and not my roommate 😓 but I can’t relate to most of these reasons, body odour, heat, pregnancy, dark clothes, alcohol (I don’t drink anymore). Maybe it’s because I’m very dark 😁.

    Thanks for the article. You wrote “here are 8 reasons” but only gave 5. Guess it was a typo.

    1. I don’t think it’s cos you’re dark either. I’m light skinned n I’m always the only one bitten by mosquitoes all the time lol

  4. Okay, Aproko Doctor. This piece is very useful and educative. Thank you for your selfless services to humanity.

  5. I have filariasis which comes during rainy season thereby making me to be allergy to cold (environment,floor,water) and eating carbohydrates. Please I need a permanent cure to it

  6. I once heard mosquitoes are attracted to a particular genotype or blood group than the other, how true is this Dr?

  7. Hi doc.,
    Very insightful read but none of these apply to me although I’m usually the prey of choice.

    Perhaps, there are other reasons because you mentioned that there are 8 but discussed only 5.

  8. I’m light skin and if mosquitoes bite me everyone will know because I will have red spots and it’s mostly my hand and my leg they bite

  9. Been wondering why mosquitoes find me so attractive and now, I think I know. I’m really black in complexion. But mehn, not easy o. Pls make a post on some vitamins or nutrients that could make the immune system stronger against malaria.

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