5 Tips To Help You Stick To The Healthy Diet You Chose

If you are reading this, chances are you have decided to go on a healthy diet, you probably had tried and failed, tried again and failed again. Some people then assume that it is a lost battle and go back to their previous eating habits.


What are you doing wrong, what can you do better to get the results you want?


1. Can I Do This Long Term?

If your answer to this question is not yes, you are more likely to fail at it. These are what we call crash diets. They need you to reduce your calories so you can lose weight fast.

They do not last, sometimes, they hamper your own health in the process.

Think habits, take out or add a minor detail as long as you can keep up



2. Don’t Just Think Weight Loss

Your reason to choose that diet might be “weight loss” but that should not be the only thing motivating you. Thus, when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet, resist the urge to put too much emphasis on weight loss. The habits you pick up while dieting are sometimes, more important than the weight loss in a short time.



3. Keep Healthy Foods Around You

If you surround yourself with foods that are healthy, rather than ultra-processed ones you are trying to avoid, you might just be successful. You also beat the temptation of going crazy on them when they are not within arm’s reach.



4. Be Patient

Think marathon not sprint, you might be motivated after a youtube video or a TikTok link and assume that all it takes is motivation. You might fail in the process and that is fine, on some days you might feel discouraged.

These things take time. Allow yourself to think habits. Think long term. Reassure yourself as often as you need to.



5. Consider a Professional

It can be intimidating especially in this era of over information, websites, blogs, vlogs you name it have something or the other to tell you about dieting and weight loss.

The best person however to guide you are the professionals. For instance, registered dietitian can assist you in understanding meal plans, food groups, daily nutrient requirements, and safe diets for specific conditions and diseases. It can also be a support system for you to lean on and personalized advice that works for just YOU.


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